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Regularly changing beers on tap

For Example:

Yakima Red


With hops from Washington State’s Yakima Valley. This ruby red ale has warm lightly fruity, citrus flavours.

4.1%  -  Red Ale 

American Hops

Anytime IPA


With american Cascade, Centennial, Mosaic and Bravo hops this session ale  has a refreshing, clean dry finish. 

4.7%  -  IPA 

American Hops

Milk Stout

Bristol Beer Factory

Smooth chocolatey sweetness and balancing coffee bitterness with hints of dark fruits.

4.5%  -  Pale ale 

Creamy Stout

Graffiti IPA

Firebrand Brewing

A session IPA, brewed with a malt backbone of Maris Otter Pale Malt, hopped with Summit, Centennial and Amarillo

5%  - IPA 

Yakima Hops

Devon Red

Sandford Orchards

Devon Red is a perfectly balanced, refreshing, medium cider named after the rich red soil that gives the orchards their distinctive quality.

4.5% Medium Cider

Asahi Super Dry 

Its unique dry, crisp taste with a quick clean finish, known as

Karakuchi make Asahi Japan's number 1 beer. Refreshing session lager. 

5%  - Lager

Changing every week, our selection of bottled and canned beers, cider and ales offers plenty of choice. 

Tue - Wed - Thu enjoy trying two for £6 on selected cans and bottles.

Rodenbach Grand Cru


The Rodenbach Grand Cru matures in oak foeders, or barrels, over a period of two years, giving the beer a unique, complex fruitiness that is reminiscent of wine.

This traditional Belgium sour beer is a multiple award winner.

6.2%  -  Sour - Belgium Ale


Tiny Rebel 

Stay Puft 

“I’m terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought.”

This marshmallow porter has the classic roasty qualities of a proper dark ale, whilst the marshmallow gives it a smooth sweetness, both combining for a delightful, S’mores-like ale. A sweet treat for the cold winter nights

5.2%  -  Porter  -  American Hops


Bethnal Pale Ale

Modern American Pale Ale. A mix of fresh floral bouquet and tropical fruit aroma produced by a big blend of American hops. Citrus zing on the front of the palette followed by passion fruit notes. Medium body with a refreshing bitterness and dry finish.

5%  - Pale Ale  -  New Zealand Hops


Tiny Rebel 


Unfiltered. Hazy. Murky. They might describe the look, but they don’t really describe the silky smooth texture in this Vermont style IPA.  It’s one you can enjoy time and time again.

A mild bitterness and a big juicy blast, refresh with Dutty


4.3%  - IPA  -  Candaian Hops


Gamma Ray

5.4%  -  APA - Citra & Mosaic


The concept was to create a juicy tropical beer. A brew you can sit on and drink all day, rammed with juicy malts and huge tropical aromas of mango and grapefruit. Massive additions of American hops are added to the whirlpool giving huge hop flavour. The beer is then dry hopped for days, driving the punchy aromas.

Big Hug Brewing


Straw blonde in colour and unpasteurised. Pilsner has a crisp, clean, easy drinking profile with a light biscuit malt flavor from the traditional malts. The addition of Perle and Magnum hops give it a more flavoursome, floral hop profile with a low bitter .

4.2%  -  Pilsner



The right amount of malty sweetness meets juicy hop character, making a beer that hits the spot every time.

With undertones of citra this light session ales is thirst quenching and refreshing.

4.5%  -  Pale Ale - Citra

Wiper and True


Made with an ever-changing combination of five princely hops, a beer of immense character, flavour and depth. With citrus and grape notes. 

6.2%  -  IPA  -  Mosaic & Citra


Bristol Beer Factory

A German-style Wheat Beer, with a rich banana & clove aroma, it pours with a thick rocky head and has a hazy orange appearance.
Zippy & zesty, with banana, bubble gum & hints of grapefruit, it's a very refreshing beer perfect for a sunny day.

4.8%  -  Wheat beer



Moor Beer Company


a pronounced floral and citric quality to the beer, with honey and elderflower in the nose. At first you notice the citrus notes followed by the bready malt flavours.

4.1%  - Pale Ale - 


St Louis Dry Hopped

Sandford Orchard

Born out of a chance meeting between our cider maker and godfather of US craft brewing Dan Kopman of Schlafly Brewery. St Louis Dry Hopped is a craft Devon cider expertly infused with Ella and Willamette hops. An enticing floral and citrus aroma leads to a light, refreshing palate with a clean hoppy finish.

5.5%  -  Medium dry Cider

Sanford Orchards

Berry Lane

Satisfyingly sweet and refreshingly tart, perfectly ripe raspberries are a fabulous addition to this masterfully crafted Devon cider.

4%  -  Sweet Cider with raspberries




This modern lager cut with elderflower is light and easy to drink. Likened to a cordial, this sweet fruity little number slips down easy. 

4%  -  Fruit beer




Made with two types of beer: traditional malted-barleyand wheat.

It's made in the style of Witbier, originally from Belgium and made with unmalted wheat, giving this beer more body and a softer, fuller mouthfeel.

4.8%  -  Pilsner & Wheat




Craft lager with citrus and spicy notes to reward your thirst for exploration.

Refreshing and light, Frontier is brewed with new world hops and old world malts.

4.5%  - Craft lager


Cheddar Ales


This light slightly fruity ale is very easy drinking. With gentle hoppy overtones. This golden ale has a full real ale heritage. 

4.5%  -  Golden Ale