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Ahoy there!

We are Nigel and Poppy. We established Ebdons in October 2018. It's a friendly, relaxed place where you can have a craft beer at lunchtime and an expertly made coffee at dinner time.


We give a crap about our community and the responsibilities we all have to do things better, and that's why we focus on sourcing as much as we can from as close-by as we can, we use renewable gas and electricity, keep food waste very low and recycle as much as we can (even the remainders from used tea-lights).


Food is simple, interesting, seasonal and either home-made or produced by local people using real ingredients. 


Drinks are delicious, carefully chosen and interesting - wines are European and beers are almost all from the UK. We always have beer and cider on tap and lots of craft beers and ciders in bottles and cans. Our coffee is roasted in Buckfastleigh by Voyager and our milk comes from Honiton. 

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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About Ebdons

Following in some impressive footsteps

The original Ebdons Refreshments was owned by one of Poppy’s ancestors during the last century. Before and after that, Ebdons across Devon and beyond have been involved in food, drink and hospitality, with a legacy which involved inns, butchers and farms. One of these ventures still survives today in North Devon and which will be supplying organic vegetables to Ebdons Refreshments in Exeter.

When we were looking for inspiration for the identity of our business, we needed not to look further than to follow in the Ebdon footsteps and are proud to be bearing the name of so many brilliant Devon people.