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Hello there! how nice to see you.

Whoopie! From 18th May we'll be open INSIDE and out from Tuesday to Saturday for the foreseeable future. You can come and visit with up to five of your favourite friends, family members, colleagues or enemies and as many pets as you like.


We'll be open from 10am until 11pm 

Would you like to work with us? If so, follow this link to find out more

If you'd like to order some of our homemade food for home delivery, you can get it from Exeter's Online Farmers' Market, which is operated by Good Food Exeter.


If you would like us to provide food or drinks for a special event, please look at this page and then get in touch!

Events - occasions - treats

Get in contact to find out about our hampers, catering, licensed bars and much more. 


Call on 01392 758140

Email info@ebdonsrefreshments.com

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Ebdons Refreshments Ltd.

174 Sidwell Street,

Exeter, EX4 6RH

T: 01392 758140

E: info@ebdonsrefreshments.com